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A Passion to See
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Where investment expertise meets skilled financial planning - Matt, Kaitlyn and Jeff's balanced and complimentary skill sets ensure that each client receives thoughtful financial advice catered to their unique position. 


Working together for 10 years, our team has reimagined and refined the experience a client should receive from their wealth manager. 

We believe in a specialized, family-office like relationship that delivers confidence, clarity and convenience to our clients. Our team possesses the knowledge and experience to coordinate diligent investment strategy with a family's unique financial, tax and estate plans. 

Based in Jacksonville, we manage high-net-worth clients nationally and embrace serving under a fiduciary oath. Our fee-only service model ensures that our interests are always aligned with the bottom-line of our clients. 

Simply put - our focus is maximizing the wealth and happiness of our clients.

Our Services

What We Do Best,
What We Do Different 


An investment management process driven by 3 CFA Charterholders, we believe in the careful and calculated selection of investments. As a client, you will receive regular communications and reports to keep you informed on exactly how your portfolio is performing against the market. We feel clients should never be confused about the results they are receiving. 


We thrive on producing tangible results for the families we serve. Without understanding the ambitions and goals of a client, it is difficult to advise on the investments and strategies they need. Our Certified Financial Planners™ strive to provide our clients with a satisfaction that their investments are directly coordinated with their personal lives. Our financial planning process delivers a clear and organized vision of your financial future. 


Our team excels at coordinating and implementing strategies between all the professionals in your life. We love to make our client's financial situation comfortable by managing communications and decisions between your CPA and Estate Planning Attorney. 

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